Celebrity Masturbation

Celebrities love themselves, duh, or most of them wouldn’t care about being celebrities. Today, the Frisky took this self-love thing to the next level, in a pictorial of 10 celebs who admit to masturbation, or at least can say masturbation without feeling all icky (although Dustin Hoffman says fondling, and that sounds weird, at least the way he says it).

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who celebrate masturbation.

Me? I can say it without flinching, do it, admit to loving it, heck I even wrote a book about it. I can relate to Madonna (in the above piece) who says she didn’t discover masturbation until she was 17 or 18. I was 21. I was having partnered sex and not thinking much of need anything else before then. That was before I lived alone in a small town in Ohio, where I worked as a DJ in my first job in radio. I didn’t think of masturbating a lot, because I was in a serious relationship, getting some whenever I needed it. But once I was alone, I needed more of me. And now I can’t imagine my life with masturbation. My life without orgasms by me, when I want them, quickly, easily and powerfully - and yes, thanks eroscillator.

Is there a right amount of masturbation in one’s life? I don’t know. I do know that a woman like Betty Dodson looks way younger than she is, and I have to think that’s because she’s had a lot more orgasms than a lot of people out there, and many of her orgasms are self-imposed, or maybe self-induced is a better phrase, whatever, she wrote a book about it too. And so, for reasons like staying younger longer, and feeling great, I’m happy to keep on twiddling.