so last week .11

It’s the new year! Happy! Happy! and so last week, or so last year as may be the case this week, has 10 sex news stories to welcome in 2010. One of them (the bottom one) isn’t really a story, and it’s photos from a long time before so last week, but they’ve only recently been posted, and they’re of a very hot, sexy, naked and hairy Demi Moore. Oh yeah…
  • Sexting and teens. When a girl sends a naked picture of herself to a “friend,” what’s a school system to do? (NYTimes)
  • 9 Discoveries from 2009 that have everything to do with sex, or genitals, or nudity including 1) 45% of men use vibrators, 2) penis tissue can be grown in a lab and 3)throughout time there has been an obsession with naked women. (Yahoo)
  • The G-spot. Here one day and gone the next. A new study by British scientists says there is no evidence that there ever was a G-spot. Does it exist or doesn’t it? Maybe the answer is, you decide. (Jezebel)
  • A list of who’s out when it comes to being in the field of sexuality. Oh, and these people are out because they’re dead now. (About)
  • Be there with bells on….New Hampshire becomes state no. 5 to allow same-sex marriage. (CNN)
  • Porn as literary technique, or blips of useful advice from another blog of useful advice from a blog post on sex scenes. Or how a sex scene can advance a story. (JulieBush)
  • Hugh Hefner, move over. In India, a sex scandal forces an 86 year old Governor to resign, and the best part is there’s allegedly footage of him in bed with three women! (BBC)
  • Finland will sell sex toys in supermarkets, but please, shield the children. (IceNews)
  • Charlie “Mean Machine” Sheen and his domestic violence record. (YourTango)
  • Vintage shots of Demi Moore naked. Full bush and all. Hot and NSFW. (Fleshbot)