Bad Kissing: Cartoon Style

From the Mingle2 blog,  one example of bad kissing:

drawn by Matthew Inman

For me a bad kisser doesn’t use too-much tongue, it’s more like they don’t know how to use their tongue at all. That means it could be too much, or too little, or too stiff or too loose. I get off when my partner has sensual tongue moves, meaning they know how to work it both in and out of my mouth, and they have a tongue and a kiss that shows both confidence and care. I’m most definitely not into lizard-style lip-locking, that’s the kind where his or her tongue quickly flicks in and out of my mouth. I hate slobber, and I try to avoid halitosis. I am totally turned off if I have to wipe my mouth whenever I come up for air, or if it tastes like something just died in your mouth (which for me always means avoid raw onion). I once kissed a guy who would not use his tongue at all. AT ALL. It just lay there, in the back of his mouth, as if it were on its last licks. That definitely wasn’t for me, no, not so much.

I’ve often wondered if it’s ever too late to learn how to kiss? I mean, can you teach an old tongue new tricks?

More examples of bad kissing are here.

Thanks Curvaceous Dee