So Last Week 190

In this week’s Sex News You May Have Missed, why Nebraska may be the last place to go for an abortion. Sex addiction - if it’s really, what is it really? Death by sex and how high heels affect her orgasm. It’s all (or mostly) So Last Week.

  • Nebraska. Abortion. Idiocracy. (DailyKos)
  • Gay, lesbian and aging. It’s hard to find a home that doesn’t discriminate. (WashPost)
  • Death by Sex. Five unusual ways to go. (LehMiller)
  • Sex Addiction: An Intimacy Disorder. (USNews)
  • Sexual deviancy may not be deviant. (Salon)
  • Lunaception, orgasm and pregnancy. Things you may not know you don’t know about sex. (TIME)
  • Revenge porn is now illegal in California. (WashTimes)
  • Forced abortions in China are, in two words, horrifically unacceptable. (OpposingViews)
  • The new sex rules. (SexualIntelligence)
  • Why it’s tough to be bisexual. (Alternet)
  • What would isolating strip clubs do? (TheStarPhoenix)
  • “I was not a boy, and you can’t make me into one.” (gcvsa.tumblr)