a. b. and c.

In list order because that’s what life has boiled down to right now:

(Oh, and there is no rhyme or reason to my list).

1. In case you try to contact me and can’t and then suddenly remember that I have this weblog and come searching to find out where the freak I am, here’s my itinerary for the next two months.

June 30th at 8:30AM: Leave NY JFK for LON Heathrow
June 30th - July 10th: England
July 10th - August 7th: Charles University @ Prague
August 7th - August 12th: TBD in EUR
August 12th at 10:45PM: Arrive NY JFK
August 14th(?) : Toronto (4 work)
August 28th - ???: Burning Man (4 a different kind of work) and West Coast (for family on a number of levels)
???: Find a place to live in NY

So that’s my summer in a nutshell. I am really excited about leaving New York but I am also excited for my return. I have a mailing address in Prague but I don’t have it with me. Not that most of you will send packages, although there’s something about it being more likely for someone to send me a package while I’m in Prague then while I am here in New York. That’s because a. they can’t give me things in person unless they fly to Prague and b. it’s always nice to receive packages from familiar places when in foreign spaces.

2. My friend CHAUNCE HAYDEN is one of the ten competitors on The Howard Stern Show’s Win John’s Job contest. Basically, if he wins this popularity contest, he gets to be on the Howard Stern Show every day for the next three months and he gets paid $25,000 for doing it. Chaunce says he won’t take the money, that he’d give the money back to the fans, which is probably true, because a. i don’t think he needs it and b. even though he is fucked up and perverted, he is a good guy in some strange ways…and although I know he says he doesn’t care if he wins, it would be nice for him to win. He is one of my very close friends. So can you vote for him please? The winner is announced Thursday and you have to vote by midnight tomorrow night.

3. I just got back from San Francisco. Today, as in this morning at 6:50AM. I haven’t let myself go to sleep yet because a. it’s my last day in the states for 6 weeks and b. i am afraid i won’t sleep on the plane tomorrow even though I have some “guaranteed to work” sleeping aids. While I am so excited for my next big adventure, I will try not to fly out again on 24 hours turnaround. Unless of course I am a. a flight attendant in a future life or b. in one of my more masochistic phases. My eyes keep closing as I write this…

4. I think cats remember the person who “rescued” them. My former cat Alfred, who now goes exclusively by Silly, is always really lovey when I come to visit, which is what I am doing right now because he lives with the person who tolerates me a lot and lets me use her internet. We did sleep in the same bed for almost 3 years, and I did save him from what was seemingly a harsh environment, although I can never ask his first parents as they just threw him into a sex toy shop hoping some nice lower east side lesbian would take care of him. At least they got it half right - sort of. I just want him to miss me, and not everybody that walks through the door. Is that asking too much?

5. I have to go pick up my contacts. Don’t want to be stuck across the Atlantic without backup vision.

6. 3:47PM. I am supposed to have this conference call right now, but nobody’s calling. Still I need to stop writing for now. I will write again, hopefully tomorrow, because this blog has become part of my almost daily routine. But all routines shift or change when they have to, so i will have to wait and c. (Yes, I can be cheesy and dumb) how often I get to write. I am supposed to have internet access though, once I get to Prague.

7. Most exciting news, and then I will go. My book idea is shaping up. It’s really going to happen (now all I need is a publisher). If anyone is interested in writing a chapter and wants to know more, email me and I will send you the details. Maybe. If you’re lucky, and you have what I need…ooh..so mean..so secretive..