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Saturday, March 5 2011

Hot Sox: Count Spankula’s Erotic Hypnosis

In this week’s Hot Sox podcast, meet Count Spankula, master of erotic hypnosis and the mastermind behind hypnogirls. Using his self-taught powers of hypnosis, he can make girls come (and he has video to prove it). When the count uses his magical powers of voice control and suggestion, he gets women to have multiple orgasms, believe he’s Brad Pitt or Steve Urkle and some can even ejaculate without touch. If you don’t believe it, you can listen to the podcast and watch video of his magical powers of induction. It’s all at the snap of his fingertips. Kapow!

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2 Responses to “Hot Sox: Count Spankula’s Erotic Hypnosis”

  1. FOMOsexual Says:

    Jamye, every time you post a podcast link that just goes to iTunes, you make non-iTunes users cry.

  2. jamye Says:

    what about here..can you listen to it here: http://www.podfeed.net/podcast/Hot+Sox/20921

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