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Thursday, June 10 2010

Sarah Palin: Big Boob(s)

Recent pictures of the-one-and-only (thank goodness) Sarah Palin show that her ego isn’t the only thing that’s seemingly inflated in the past year. While the biggest boob of all may be Sarah Palin herself, Wonkette is reporting that  Sarah Palin may have purchased her own set of personal luxury items. It looks as if Palin’s breasts have suddenly inflated, going from barely buoyant to full-blown boobage.

Did Sarah Palin get a boob job? Honestly, I don’t care, but it makes me wonder, what’s the deal with older women and boob jobs? I mean, I get that they start to sag, fine, and that a boob LIFT can make women feel wonderful, or so I was told in the hot tub this past January at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. Yep, by a woman who was trying to convince me to take my top off. And then she criticized me for not wanting to take my top off for her. “Get a boob job,” she said, “it’ll change your world.”

I’m more of a natural girl these days, and I’m coming to terms with my non-model like breasts. But still, Sharon Mitchell, Nina Hartley and other sex savvy women have been implanting themselves later in life. I get it, they are, or were, porn stars and I’m sure the porn industry/exotic dancing world has the highest rate of breast implants of any profession, but who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it’s not the case, and that say, dental hygienists do, since they’re practically placing their breasts in your face while they pick at your teeth.

Hmmm. It must be the feel-better-about-aging solution. That, or, Sarah Palin just wanted everyone to know what a big boob she truly is.

Before you get your own implants, read this.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Big Boob(s)”

  1. jacq jones Says:

    so - i’d consider a boob job(ducking while you lean back to smack me).

    i’m thrilled with other folk’s boobs just they way they are, but when mine start to seriously sag (at 38, they sure aren’t as perky as they were at 28 - i figure i’ve got at least another 10 years before i seriously consider surgery), i’ll look at my options. not because i want to feel better about aging - you couldn’t pay me to be younger again. i value every bit of what i’ve learned and every wrinkle that i’ve earned. but i just don’t think i’ll like the way longer tits will look on me.

    from what i’ve seen so far (and it’s a ways off yet), getting implants is a much less significant surgery than getting a lift. there’s less cutting and no interference with the nipple. which means a lower risk of significant sensation changes. sagging happens because of gravity and/or breast size changes from pregnancy and breast feeding. filling up the extra skin, rather than removing it is easier.

    of course having any surgery just to change your appearance is a bit silly. and maybe i’m wrong about which is easier on your body. but, well, the truth is, i’m vain. and i’m ok with that : )

  2. jamye Says:

    Hey Jacq. I totally get it. I do. I’m vain too. Not denying that. Good points. As usual!!!!

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