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Thursday, June 17 2010

TIT: Thursdays I Talk (even more…)

Today is a twofer TMI day.

Audio: Every Thursday I’ll be podcasting because I like to talk, so I’m calling Thursday’s TIT, or Thursdays I Talk. And yes I’m like an 11 year old boy sometimes, and yes, I do find calling it tit makes me smile. I’ve got a new podcast, and a title now to: Hot Sox. It’s itunes approved, and I will try to get it up - so to speak - other places and sites soon. I’m still not sure what the format of the show is. In this first episode, I ramble about relationships, transformation and then throw in a story from my “this isn’t phone sex” eyada days.

We’ll continue the phone sex conversation even more next week, when I interview the ever-too-fabu Fifi Jingles, a dear friend of mine who loves the phone sex, and we’ll talk more! more! more! about 3G/4G and other inferior makes and models of phone love.

But that’s next week, not this week. So on with this week…here’s my first Hot Sox podcast!

Video: Gram Ponante, America’s beloved porn journalist sat me down and asked me questions at the secret world headquarters of his media empire. He’s not much for the editing, and sometimes it would be nice if he were, but I enjoyed watching the long and TMI interview.

If you want to read and watch, What does Jamye Waxman know about love? you can too!

What Does Jamye Waxman Know About Love? from Ray Mavervorl on Vimeo.

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