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Monday, June 7 2010

So Last Week .33

Female viagra, a man nicknamed Jerkin’ Jesus and the double standards in movie reviews are a few of the topics in this week’s So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed. Plus Golden Girls porn and Rush Limbaugh tries with wife number four.

  • Will science fix the female orgasm? Female viagra and further assistance. (YourTango)
  • Jerkin’ Jesus. Exceptionally detailed coverage of The Center for Sex and Culture’s Masturbate-a-thon. (SFWeekly)
  • Read this and think.  The double standards in movie reviews. Sex and the City 2 vs. Get Him to the Greek. (TheGloss)
  • Is antigay the new old gay? New research says more dudes are down with (the acceptance of) same sex love. (NYTimes)
  • In France, it’s the size of your breasts and your reconstructive surgery that makes you a woman. (CarnalNation)
  • Teens have sex, and other findings on teens having sex. (USNews&WorldReport)
  • “You know you’ve arrived when they name a sex act after you.” A John Waters interview. (Salon)
  • All in a day’s work: Murder Suspect/porn actor wields sword, jumps off cliff & plunges to death after police standoff. (LATimes)
  • Circumcision and sex-related injuries. (Reuters)
  • Ah, true love. Rush Limbaugh ties knot number four. She’s 33 and he’s 59. Definitely gonna last this time. (Examiner)
  • Nando’s World Soccer Cup ad celebrates many cup sizes. (TheAtlantic)
  • Timing is everything. Rue McClanahan dies and Golden Girls a XXX MILF Parody is born. (TheFrisky)

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