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Wednesday, December 23 2009

Banana: The Good For You Sex Toy

Bananas, just for eating? No way! And after watching a video on how to open a banana like a monkey, I was like, “oh yeah, bananas” which got me thinking about hand jobs.

Yeah, hand jobs and bananas don’t necessarily go hand-n-dick, but they can. Especially if you want to be all environmental and stuff, and want to find a way to use all of your banana. Do you peel me, I mean feel me?  Why not try using a banana peel to masturbate a penis, whether you peel it from the stem or the tip?

There’s a great scene in Weeds about using a banana peel and other stroking essentials:

In order to use the banana peel as a sex toy, make sure it’s still closed on one end. You may want to heat it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds and then slip the peel over a penis and stroke it like he chokes it. Then he can come in the peel and toss it in the compost or garbage. Easy come, easy go.

Of course, there’s always masturbation sleeves, and these are some of my favorites:

The Maverick

The Tenga Egg (Seriously, a must have!)

The Tenga Flip

Tell Me You Love Me