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Tuesday, December 22 2009

PantyO: Last Minute Gift for the Kegels

I seem to have a panty fetish. First the reindeer thong for his schlong, and now these. I have never touched the PantyO; never felt its spandex on my thighs, butt cheeks or vulva, and I stumbled upon it via a facebook friend request. For those who need a serious kick in the kegels (serious but not literal), tell me what you think of the PantyO.

Here’s my two cents. I am all for doing kegel exercises and I’m happy to encourage men and women to do them often and always, but do you need to spend $125 to remember to do them?

Besides, how do you wash these and if you should do your exercises every day, or other day, doesn’t one pair of panties seem like it will never be enough?

I’m fascinated by this idea or I wouldn’t be devoting my last minute gift “say what?” to such an expensive undergarment, and I get it. At least what it is and why you want to wear them, but I don’t get why it costs $125 or the exact shape, size and placement of said crystal. I see it in the picture above, but huh? There’s a tight spandex pair of panties (available only in a fine checkered print) and a Swarovski Crystal kegel extension (only the best crystal for your coochie) and I understand that the crystal, which is sewn into the spandex, is inserted vaginally while a woman wears her pantyo’s to do the dishes, go shopping, take a hike.

It’s like pantyhose, only different..

I love the concept. the concept, yes, the concept, but…uhm, huh?


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