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Monday, December 7 2009

so last week .07

This week’s so last week has one thing on the brain. PORN! From Obama doing Playgirl (it’s a parody people) to how to date Joanna Angel, Jean Valjean’s love of food in lieu of flesh, and April Flores gracing the cover of AVN, it’s a big week in the world of porn.
  • Obama does Playgirl. (Youtube)
  • Joanna Angel gives you advice on dating a Jewish girl. (Details)
  • Jean Valjean goes from showing his cock to showing us he can cook (RomanandRegina)
  • I *heart* April Flores and her smart, sexy, curvy, extra-medium self. AVN Reports on the big girl boom in porn. (AVN)
  • Study goes looking for men in their 20’s who had never watched porn. Don’t find any, and so professor declares pornography okay. (TheRegister)
  • Hugh Hefner to Tiger Woods: Monogamy is Overrated. (E!Online)

In non-porn related news (for those of you who want more, more, more!)

  • Women Who Want to Want: Daniel Bergner strikes again. (NYTimes)
  • Average price of cigarettes goes up from one handjob to two handjobs AND a stick of beef jerky. Holy shamwow! (TheOnion)

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