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Thursday, November 27 2008

Stating the Obvious

i’m thankful for everything. including, but in no particular order;

the soft. the hard. the love of love. the love of friends. the learning. the avn nomination. opportunities. kind words. brains. my life. life in general. cats that talk. obama. mindblowing sex. alternative realities. the simpsons. girl power. peanut butter.

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One Response to “Stating the Obvious”

  1. thankfulforyou Says:

    And, stating the obvious, I’m very thankful for you.

    Your words haunt me — the soft. the hard. the love of love. the learning. kind words. mindblowing sex. the simpsons. girl power. I had to come back and thank you.

    You are the best! You really touch me. Thank you!

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