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Monday, November 3 2008

Sex News Square Down # 3

Photo Credit: Stephen Chernin
  • The Huffington Post asks Republicans or Democrats, Who’s Kinkier? Before even reading the piece (which is based on a survey from sex emporium Good Vibes), I’m going to say Republicans. My theory is the more uptight or conservative you are on the outside, the less so you are when you’re naked and being paddled somewhere inside.
  • While we’re on the subject of politics, tomorrow IS the big day, so practice safe policy offers you some of the voting options Americans will have at the polls tomorrow, only in condom form. Choose between Obama (Use with good judgment), McCain (Old but not expired) and Palin (When abortion is not an option) condoms for extra protection on election day.
  • One more for election coverage, because there are big votes on the state of marriage and sex work in California tomorrow. Voting NO on Prop 8 will allow marriage equality to continue in the state of California, and equality is a good thing, right? Right. Voting YES on Prop K will decriminalize prostitution (the oldest profession in the book fyi) and make it safer for sex workers to do their job. And in case you need more incentive to vote Yes on Proposition K, assuming you can vote on it, how’s this? “The decriminalization of prostitution was the main recommendation of the citywide San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution more than 10 years ago. A recent UCSF study found that 1 out of 7 sex workers in San Francisco were threatened with arrest by police officers unless they had sex with them and 1 out of 5 reported that polices officers paid them for sex.”
  • The New York Times wrote another story on sex and relationships, this one on cheating spouses. The problem researchers say they face when asking subjects if they cheat on their partners is that nobody wants to cop to an affair! I think this number is on the low side, but the NYT reports that “about 10 percent of married people — 12 percent of men and 7 percent of women — say they have had sex outside their marriage.”
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction. Do women care? According to a recent study in Obstetrics and Gynecology, 40 percent of 32,000 women aged 18-102 report sexual feelings of sexual dysfunction (39 percent say it’s in the form of diminished desire, 26 percent lack arousability and 21 percent have problems achieving orgasm). Now, of that 40 percent, only 12 percent says it causes them distress or unhappiness. Does that mean female sexual dysfunction is a “problem” or a “part of life”? They report. They decide.
  • The straight.com offers one music critic’s view on the two Schools of Feminism that are Madonna and Janet Jackson.
  • Porn stars are the new black. The LA Times reports on porn stars and how they’re making the biggest! crossovers! yet! into the world of mainstream film.

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