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Monday, November 24 2008

Sex News Square Down #6

eHarmony has to finally recognize, and fix, the fact that they don’t “do” gay dating, Viagra is used for something other than an erection and clitoris is not a safe word.

  • Viagra for sport (and not sex as sport here). Yep, the little blue pill is here to help athletes stay play hard. Or is it? Research is being done to see if Viagra provides athletes with more than a stiffy. The NY Times reports.
  • eHarmony finally gets outed.
  • The clitoris makes it onto a list of google’s banned words. Let the Comstocks enlighten you. Then, read Susie Bright. She takes the argument to the next level.
  • Long live long labia. Time.com does a story on the repackaging of female genitalia. Read even more about it at the New View Campaign.
  • Who knew that Kotex panty liners could teach you about kegel exercises? Christine Yu did. I’m a luna pads kind of girl.
  • UCSanta Cruz’s City on a Hill Press snoops around to find out why female masturbation is still so hush-hush.
  • Examiner suggests five naughty gift ideas for the nice gift giver in all of us, while Pleasurists #5 offers up a smorgasbord of gift ideas for giving and receiving.

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