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Tuesday, December 30 2008

Wanted: happy couples willing to do sexy time on camera

Adam & Eve would like to get you nekkid for $5000. And then they’d like to get it on film. If you’re interested, here are the deets (w/one imp. detail left out - you’ll get to hang with me. I’m directing/hosting this film):

Adam & Eve, the largest adult product company in the US, has created a new division specifically for couples, called Sensual Couples. The new division will sell romance kits, toys, lingerie and soft X DVDs.

Sensual Couples is looking for 4 attractive real-life couples between the ages of 25 and 40 to perform in our first how-to title, “Sexual Positions for Lovers”, to be shot February 28th to March 7th, 2009 in Jamaica at the fantastic Hedonism II Resort in Negril, Jamaica.

Couples will receive $5,000 US dollars, round trip airfare from any major city in the continental US to Montego Bay, Jamaica and 7 nights at  the Hedonism II Super Inclusive Resort, where room, all you can eat and drink along with a wide array of land and water activities are included, visit Hedonism.com for more Resort details

Sensual Couples is asking for a 15-minute audition video with the first 5 minutes focused on getting to know the personalities of the couple followed by 10 minutes of sensual sex (no pop shots please). Auditions will be evaluated on personality, attractiveness and sensuality.

All submitted material becomes the property of Sensual Couples.   Sensual Couples will not display audition videos in any public format without the express written permission of the participants. All tapes must be postmarked by Feb. 1, 2009.

For information or audition forms, e-mail auditions@sensualcouples.com <mailto:auditions@sensualcouples.com>
or call 919-644-8100 ext. 3101

All audition videos should be sent to:
Sensual Couples Auditions
302 Meadowland Drive
Hillsborough NC 27517

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Monday, December 29 2008

Sex News Square Down #11

It’s post Christmas and Hannukah Sex News Square Down. The kind where I could talk about some of the top stories of the year in sex, but the one where I don’t.

  • One little girl’s letter to Santa helps land a sexual predator behind bars. (CBSNews.com)
  • Speaking of Santa; earlier this month his gmail account was exposed. It’s all the things you didn’t need to know about Santa, but the things that make you like him more now that you do. (Gizmodo.com)
  • Tim Draper suffers from a rare condition called sexsomnia (or sleep sex). Don’t know what it is? You’re not alone. But if you had it, you might be a little more lonely. (Mirror.co.uk)
  • Hannukah is over now, but these eight Hannukah hunks haven’t burned out yet. (The Frisky)
  • The punch isn’t the only thing that gets spiked around the holidays. Condom sales spike this time of year too. (McClatchy)
  • A look back at the ten best (and worst) sex scandals of 2008. Ah, the memories. (Gawker.com)

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Friday, December 26 2008

Sex News Square Down #10

It’s a short one, and it’s coming out on a Friday, but I didn’t want the week to go without my latest (and only) blogging tradition. So here it is, SNSD #10. 

  • Should you say bless you or f*ck you next time someone sneezes? Depends on why they’re sneezing. According to the latest report from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine a sneeze may have everything to do with sex. (webmd.com)
  • Caroline Kennedy for Senator. Not just because she supports same sex marriage, but I like that she does. (Upi.com)
  • Speaking of gay marriage, Rick Warren doesn’t just oppose it, he’s compared it to incest and pedophilia (uhm, yeah, okay, that’s make sense). And he’s got a lot of other “issues” around issues like abortion and sexuality. Has Obama gone too far before he’s gone anywhere at all? (LA Times)
  • Does sex addiction have any basis in science? And is porn to blame? (Alternet.org)
  • Being in business is hard right now, but the sex toy industry keeps pumping along. (Forbes.com)

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Thursday, December 25 2008

Xmas 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze. From my pussy to yours.

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Friday, December 19 2008


Italian scientists have once again asked, “what’s the deal with the G-spot?” and instead of just pondering the question, they’ve taken their research to the next level, poking and prodding 30 women (through ultrasound) to discover just exactly what it is and why its more sensitive in some women than in others. And now they’ve come to the conclusion that 1 in 4 women have a G-spot, or at least a G-spot that can bring them to orgasm without a helping hand or vibe (Of the 30 women, 8 women had this G-spot, but only 5 of them knew how to use it).

More interestingly, Italian researchers, who presented their findings at the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine in Rome in November, discovered that there are clear anatomical differences between women who have vaginal orgasms (without any direct clitoral stimulation) and women who don’t. See, the G-spot is the urethral sponge and while it’s felt through the vagina, it’s actually in the urethra. So research says that the tissue (not the kind you blow your nose with) in the region between the vagina and the urethra is thicker in women who have these vaginal orgasms, than those who don’t.  And there is now apparently evidence that women who have this thicker tissue can actually learn to achieve vaginal orgasms if they aren’t having them already. Women who don’t? Not so much.

The other things the research is trying to figure out include the role testosterone plays in the G-spot, and if the G-spot can “grow” with increased activity and practice.

So why is this so important? Well, for starters I don’t think it should be. I mean there’s a lot of loaded language in the news reports on this research. Language about the “lucky” ones who can have these orgasms verse the ones who can’t. And then the whole discovery of the “joy” of vaginal orgasms, as if women who can’t achieve orgasm vaginally are missing out on the best thing in life. But most women cant’ have these orgasms, and Freud already f*cked this up for so many generations of women. The clitoral orgasm is not inferior to the vaginal orgasm, so why do we still try to figure out how and why we can, or can’t achieve vaginal orgasms? Shouldn’t we focus on how to enhance whatever orgasms we have, or how to have orgasms if we can’t? As a sex educator, the standard line I use is that less than 30% of women can have orgasms from vaginal stimulation alone, and now this research confirms it (and says that 25% of women can do so). Biologically this is interesting. Psychologically this can really screw things up for some women.

Read the full article at The New Scientist

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Thursday, December 18 2008

Another Short, Sexy Gift Guide

With Hanukkah a few days away and Christmas just one week off, there’s no better time for another short, sexy, almost last minute gift guide. If you’re still looking for the perfect-ish gift to put a spring in a sex life, I’ve thrown my own ideas into the (cock) ring.

The Pure Wand: I know, I know. This is on my list all the time, but the truth is, this is my favorite non-vibrating sex toy and its unisex and hot and cold and sexy.  Sure, Smartballs, or if you’ve got the money, Lelo’s Luna Beads (the newer and more versatile of the two options) are also great, and they don’t vibrate either (although they technically do, when the balls hit against each other, but not in that power-vibration sort of way) - but when it comes to my one and only, it’s got to be njoy’s Pure Wand. A gift that keeps on giving.

We-vibe: In our house this is our favorite “couples” sex toy. It’s the most expensive gift on the list (not that the Pure Wand or the Bo are inexpensive) but if you’re looking for something two people can share together, at the same time, the We Vibe may be your best buzz.

Bo: Lelo’s elegant and rechargeable vibrating cock ring is an overall nice package (and that’s not even talking about the cock you’ll put it on). It should fit nicely over his package and it looks so sleek and modern. Bo is the kind of gift guaranteed to make him feel special - both physically and psychologically - and it will make her feel special things too.

Afterglow Candles: Jimmy Jane’s candles smell the best, look the nicest and work great for massage. My favorite flave is Figleaf, for it’s unisex appeal and delicate scent. Watch it burn, baby, burn, and then smother it all over a lover’s body.

Please Stroke Cream: Speaking of massage, this is a Good Vibe’s exclusive. The Please Stroke Cream is one way to get him to believe in hand jobs again. The perfect cream for manual stimulation (not so perfect for latex application), if you’re ready to take back the hand job, Please Stroke Cream can make hand jobs rock hard. Really hard. In your hand.

The Guide to Getting it On: In its latest, sixth incarnation, it’s over 1,000 pages of juicy goodness. Paul Joannides, the man behind the biggest, most comprehensive book on sex, is so smart and funny that you’ll want your own copy of this book for all eternity, or at least until the seventh edition comes out. Plus, it’s around $20 (and right now it’s 20% off), which means you’re paying under 2 cents a page. Where else can you get such a deal?

Toibocks: Need the perfect lock box for your secret stash? Toibocks is so smart that you may have a hard time unlocking it yourself. Okay, you’ll figure it out, but nobody else will.

Condom Cases: For Your Nymphomation’s adorable condom cases/change purses are on sale right now for almost nothing. These make great stocking stuffers, and also serve as a sexy reminder to practice safer sex.

Sliquid’s Blue Raspberry: If you like tasty lubes, but hate the taste of most lubes, you should def. check out Sliquid’s line of yummy water-based delights. Blue Raspberry is my favorite taste treat, but there’s also green apple and cherry vanilla to whet his willy, or to help wet the tunnel to her womb (hey, I was looking for another “w” here). And sliquid is glycerin free (which means no extra sugar) and they now have an organic line too, it’s just not as tasty.

Iconic Pocket Rocket: One more from Jimmy Jane. The iconic pocket rocket isn’t different in form and function than it’s more colorful predecessors, but there’s something about the sleek, white design that makes it look like it would be. There’s a whole iconic line of toys, but since the pocket rocket is the only vibe I ever needed (until I met the eroscillator) I am 100% loyal to this one.

Peredise: Aneros’ first officially designated Unisex toy, the Peredise is small enough to not look intimidating, and big enough to make you “get” Anal PC satisfaction.

For the Girls: A website designed by her and for her, if porn is something you like, but aren’t sure your female partner does, then why not buy her a short membership to a site designed to tickle her fancy? And if she’s into sexy movies and pictures already, then a membership to FTG can only add to her collection, and give you both new ideas for sexy times. Plus, starting early next year, you’ll be able to watch videos of me talking about all things sex. As if that’s not reason enough…

The very sexy Amber Ray‘s even sexier things for your head: I just bought my first Amber Ray original. It’s a small flower clip, loaded with rhinestone bling, but now I’m hooked. Her head pieces are as outrageously magnificent as she is, and she makes the perfect unique gifts for anyone who loves a little flare.

The 2009 Sex Bloggers Calendar: As if you need an excuse to look at 12 sexy bloggers all year round, here’s a reason to buy the calendar. You’ll help support a fantastic cause - the Sex Work Awareness project. Get your 2009 calendars now, before you miss a month.

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Monday, December 15 2008

Sex News Square Down #9

My internet connection has returned after a long, unplanned and unannounced vacation. So, without further ado I present the late edition of Sex News Square Down #9. Oh, and the links at the end of each clipping will take you straight to the rest of the story.

  • File under Like, Duh. New research suggests that antidepressants might (I say do) ruin the sex drive of more than half of the people who take them. Not being able to orgasm and being numb to sex are two of the major problems with SSRI’s, and big reasons why I don’t ever want to pop the happy pills. (The Boston Globe)
  • What’s love got to do with it? Nothing, if you’re 9-year old Alec Greven. The fourth-grader from Colorado has become a pseudo-relationship expert, even though he claims he’s “a little too young” to date. His book, How to Talk to Girls quickly became a cult-like classic in his own school, and in late November a newer, well-edited version was published by HarperCollins. (NY Post)
  • In the indigenous communities around the town of Juchitán, Mexico they don’t need Miss Vera’s School for Boy’s Who Want to be Girls. Nope. There the “muxes” (pronounced MOO-shays and they are men who from boyhood have felt themselves drawn to living as a woman) grow up being accepted by their families and community. It’s beautiful to see gender being happily redefined, and I wish everywhere we lived could feel like this. (NY Times)
  • You once did, but now you don’t. I Do Now I Don’t is the place for ex’s to sell the big rock that once held more meaning than the money they can milk from it. According to the blog post Pawn That Engagement Ring, it’s the cool thing to do if you’re not feeling so hot after the breakup. (YourTango.com)
  • The always hysterical Mark Morford yearns for the days of classic porn. And then there’s the almost inconceivable question. “Can you believe Ron Jeremy used to be young and reasonably thin?” (SF Gate)

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Friday, December 12 2008

Bye Bye Bettie

The world has lost it’s most famous pin-up. So many people didn’t know she was actually still alive, but until yesterday Bettie Page was taking a lickin’ (well, not really licking anymore, she did go religious in her later years) and still kicking. However, now she’s gone. Read the full NY Times obituary for the details of her life and death.

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Thursday, December 11 2008

Why I love Babeland

I agree with Dallas over at the Babeland blog. Working at Babeland can be really fun. I know it was a hard job to leave.This music video reminded me of why. What I love most is how each of them has his or her own adorably sexy moves.   

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Tuesday, December 9 2008

Orgasmic Birth. A labor of love.

Is orgasmic birth a labor of love? This Friday 20/20 will show a piece on women who experience what ABC News has called labor orgasms. From the looks of the comments over at ABC News, some people are pissed, and not in the I-drank-too-much-for-breakfast sort of way. There were only 8 comments when I last checked, but the loudest ones shouted that this was the biggest LIE (their caps not mine) ever told and that only white women into the idea of natural birthing claim to feel any sort of bliss during birth, and that it seems to only be a white thing, which either makes it elitist or non-existent I suppose. (If you look at the Orgasmic Birth trailer, or the pictures accompanying this article you realize that this women is either so angry she can’t see photos or actually blind, because it’s not only white women at all).

This notion of birth being natural, but not like a natural disaster, like a natural happy thing to go through is not how we see it in this country. Blissed-out births do seem to happen only to women who allow themselves to get away from the notions of fear and pain around the delivery. They do happen to women who aren’t afraid to let it happen, who have the time to work on themselves before the time arrives when they can’t. And that is only a small portion of women. So how do we spread the idea that every women deserves a happy childbirth (as long as everyone is healthy and can be happy), before she has to spread her legs, breathe and push.

The trailer and the article both make important points about our health care system and how the medical hospitals are not usually looking at birth as an experience that women (and their partners, etc.) go through, they’re looking at it more like surgery. From how she lies (on her back verses sitting up) to being wheeled in a wheelchair through the hospital, the experience is handled in a way that leaves women feeling sick and helpless. Instead, if she can feel empowered and in charge, things can be different. Especially since, from a scientific perspective, it is naturally possible. According to the article, and Dr. Christiane Northrup:

“When the baby’s coming down the birth canal, remember, it’s going through the exact same positions as something going in, the penis going into the vagina, to cause an orgasm,” Northrup said. “And labor itself is associated with a huge hormonal change in the body, way more prolactin, way more oxytocin, way more beta-endorphins — these are the molecules of ecstasy.”

Midwives even massage womens’ vulvas during labor. Imagine if, on top of this midwife massage - which does help prevent tearing when the baby peeks through -  your partner was there too, kissing and pinching and rubbing you in all the right places. How good could that feel? Ecstatic? Maybe even orgasmic?

In sex, in labor, in life, there’s that fine line between pleasure and pain. Even just the concept of orgasmic birth, or ecstatic birth, makes me understand so much more about my body. About how natural processes like labor don’t have to be about suffering and pain but can be about happiness and excitement. How we each have this switch, think like a light switch, and it’s somewhere in who we are (we have to go in and seek it out) and if we can find it and flick it, and then we can find ways to replace the pain with pleasure. So much of it stems from us having to believe. After reading this article and seeing the Orgasmic Birth trailer, I do believe. I believe there’s something really beautiful, powerful and exciting about being unafraid to give birth. If I ever got the opportunity to try it firsthand (and yes, I’d like the opportunity), then I’m reaching for ecstasy. The kind you can’t find in a little white pill.

Read the full story at ABC News

More on Orgasmic Birth. 

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