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Sunday, May 23 2004

Square Dancing

squaredance.gif I took this from this guy’s site.

Jeff and I have this ongoing this debate, okay not really ongoing, we talked about this once, but it’s been never-ending in my head so as far as I’m concerned it’s still going, and it’s all about square dancing.

I love square dancing while Jeff hates it. I wish there was a place I could go square dancing in New York. In fact if anyone knows of such a place, please let me know because I seriously love and yes, want to marry, square dancing. Square dancing was the only time I ever looked forward to gym class even if the stress of finding a partner took more out of me than most of the other girls. Actually it wasn’t the gym square dancing that was draining, it was the big Square Dance we had at school one Friday night in fifth grade. There was a lot of drama surrounding my square dance partner.

I had asked Marc Finklestein who had originally said “yes” and then he backed out on me to go with a prettier, more popular girl named Barbara Friedman. I had a crush on Gregg Schlossman and when Marc dumped me, I wanted Gregg to be my partner. However, Gregg was already going to the Sqaure Dance with Deborah Gur-Arie, one of my best friends. So Gregg and I settled on being corner partners and two days before the big day, I asked David Rackouer. Which was fine, although my ego had been trampled on (Thanks Marc) and I had to watch the boy I would love for four years square dance with my best friend at the time.

Anyway - square dancing makes me happy.
And Jeff’s argument - “The opposite of fun is square dancing.”

That’s it - squashed - square dancing - just like that. I wouldn’t have gotten through gym without square dancing, even though I barely got through gym with it (I even got a C one semester!). So, I think Jeff’s wrong, and he needs a good do-si-do…

Of course I am always open to suggestions…

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