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Tuesday, May 18 2004

For a girl who doesn’t have a day job…

jamyeandchaunce1.jpg me and Chaunce H. - when I used to have a day job…

Okay, it’s not like I don’t work, but I don’t go into an office from 9-5 any Monday-Friday, so why do I still feel like there’s never enough time in a year?

Let’s see. Tonight. I am doing this piece that I’ve been working on too long for it not to be better than it is. Oh well. When it’s over I will feel better about it. At least that’s what I hope. But if all the other ladies reading tonight are really good, I am going to feel even worse. I hope that doesn’t make me sound catty…because I want everyone to do well…but I want to do really, really well. I don’t know. I ramble and go off topic a lot. My story may be hard to follow. It might not even be much of a story at all. It’s supposed to be about my first kiss, but I barely touch on that. Because…well, if you don’t come tonight, then maybe I’ll share with you some other time. See, I’m already doing it, that rambling thing…

In other news:
I started school yesterday. My professor seems like a really nice guy, but boy, is he a drip. That’s drip with a “D” and not trip with a “T.” He meticulously explains everything, from why he uses a blue pen to why research in education is uber-important. And if that one sentence bored the shite out of you, imagine what two hours and forty minutes every Monday and Wednesday is going to do to me!!! I may have to be committed. Or at least wear some sort of protective hand gear. I managed to bite off at least two fingernails yesterday. Only eight more to go…

But, I am not going to school tomorrow because I have a party for that “stripper” show I worked on. Although, some of the money I was paid, let’s just say “had small problems” making it into my savings account, I am excited to celebrate a job fairly well done. I mean, we pulled it off, and if it weren’t for one of my favorite friends - Chaunce Hayden - we wouldn’t have gotten 1/3 of the press we have.

Speaking of Chaunce. All week, he is competing in the “Win John’s Job” contest on the Howard Stern Show. Listen when you can, and when it comes time to vote, although I’m not sure how it’s all going down, make sure to take a minute to vote for him. He truly deserves to be a part of radio history, and I’m not just saying that because he pays me to be his friend. Because its not a lot of money at all. The pay thing that is.

My grandpa is eh… But I really don’t think I want to talk about him because it just makes me sad. My grandpa hates Stern, but then again, right now, my grandpa hates a lot of things. But not me - at least I don’t think so.

Maybe he will after tonight. If I bomb. But even if I stink, at least I’ll smell better than the hospital he’s been in for over a week. Nothing like sterile filth. Me, I’m just a filthy pig.

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