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Wednesday, May 20 2009

Smile 4 Sex

After overdosing on a slew of sex positions, here’s a random thought about why you would even try some of the most ridiculous of positions…

Sex Positions: It’s all about the smile from Jamye Waxman on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for specific positions to make you smile (even if you can’t stay in them to shag) you must check out sexinfo101, or click on the following positions:

The Piledriver
Bumper Cars

Tell Me You Love Me


2 Responses to “Smile 4 Sex”

  1. txvisionary Says:

    laughing while shagging is always great, and most of those positions are ridiculous to say the least, not meant for true gratification…well other than smiling

  2. Paul Says:

    I think that Cosmo-with its endless “advanced sex positions” articles-and any website that shows dozens of positions should be required to link to your one-minute-of-sanity position disclaimer! Perfectly stated, Jamye.

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