So Last Week 176

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, Wendy Davis: America’s new sweetheart. The condom conundrum. After Stonewall, pics from vintage pride parades. Actress Ellen Page speaks out on feminist porn. The Supreme Court shines. It’s all so last week.


So last weekend: Dikes on Bikes. Gay Pride SF. Love Won! Dixie DLT rides the human pony.

  • Texas abortion bill SB5 fails to pass. (Inquistr)
  • Here’s how it all went down in Texas. (Medium)
  • Sex news you probably already know: DOMA Down. (HuffPo)
  • And the Supreme Court also clears the way for same-sex marriage in California. (LATimes)
  • Transgendered first-grader wins right to use girls’ restroom. (CNN)
  • Getting men to want to use condoms. (NYT)
  • A first hand account of a teacher/student affair that wasn’t all bad. (Guardian)
  • What RKB has learned from reading about hundreds of strangers’ sex lives. (Slate)
  • Texas republican says mankind has existed without sex ed for this long, so let them linger longer. (Politico)
  • Vintage pride parade pics. (Brainpickings)
  • So two weeks ago: When men want to talk about abortion. (TheAtlantic)
  • Actor Ellen Page supports the making of feminist pornography. (
  • Why BDSM might be the sanest sex out there. (Kinkly)
  • Human vagina breaks up a fight between a life-size dick and a real one. (LaughingSquid)
  • Tampons be cray. (HeadoftheCrass)