So Last Week 175

In this week’s sex in the news you may have missed, how the government screws pornographers. At what age is too old for baby? Why women love losers, dating after forty and Exodus International makes its exit from the ex-gay movement. It’s all so last week.

  • Is the government screwing pornographers? (Salon)
  • How long can you wait to have a baby? (TheAtlantic)
  • Happy playtime. The new, friendly faced app promoting female masturbation. (LaughingSquid)
  • Chicago’s pregnant man ad campaign is confusing, but the message is clear: It takes two to tango. (XOJane)
  • Same sex marriage. Google plus style. (BusinessInsider)
  • Why women love losers. (Mademen)
  • How dating changes when you turn forty. (XOJane)
  • Hairy stockings for the win! (Now.MSN)
  • Exodus International, a leading ex-gay movement, apologizes to the LGBT community. (ThinkProgress)
  • Ungrateful brides want to take back the gift. (TorontoStar)
  • Weird sexy. Costumes from the original Star Trek. (io9)
  • How to Lose Your Virginity. The documentary. (VirginityMovie)
  • Meet the Prancing Elites. Alabama’s first all male cheerleading squad. (Colorlines)