So Last Week 164

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, France got back: at least France has its citizens backs when it comes to contraception and abortion. Smartphones and dating apps. Condoms! Porn! Condoms! Jada Pinkett Smith on being open. The average human vagina. It’s all So Last Week.

  • Viva la France! The land where abortion and contraception roam free. (Policymic)
  • Can smartphones hook you up with love? (CNBC)
  • David Brooks on why sex marriage is bad for freedom. (NYT)
  • And Rolling Stone does a good job of translating the crazy that Brooks spouts. (RollingStone)
  • Best title in a while: Cross dressing Catholic priest and adult store owner* to plead guilty to meth dealing ring. (IrishCentral) *yes, he’s the same guy
  • People who have sex (for a living) talk about the perfect condom for doing it. (VICE)
  • A lot more than you may ever need (or want) to know on Measure B and condoms in porn. (neontommy)
  • The Origami. Could this be the future of condoms? (Ladyish)
  • The average human vagina: Conical, parallel sides, heart, slug, and pumpkin seed. (Doublexscience)
  • Jada Pinkett Smith on being your own wo/man. (HuffPo)
  • What open relationships can teach us about fidelity. (howaboutwe)
  • The sexy honesty that is Lady Cheeky. (TheRumpus)