So Last Week 163

In this week’s sex news you may have missed a contest for a snazzier condom. More on the Supreme Court and same sex marriage. Getting horny in a wheelchair. Going mad for John Hamm’s member and best new tumblr of the week 12 Hot Men and Their Pussy Counterparts.

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says it’s time for a snazzier condom, and they’ve giving $100,000 to anyone who can prove it. (NPR)
  • Single men: The dating guide he needs to read. (FreddyandEddy)
  • Same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court. What you need to know. (WashPost)
  • Disability and sex. Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you’re not horny. (DailyTribune via AP)
  • Courting cowardice. Maureen Dowd waxes poetic about the “too soon” Supreme Court concern about same sex marriage. (NYT)
  • Not being afraid to bare it all could get this woman stoned. (HuffPo.UK)
  • Out in Mumbai. A doc on being queer in India. (Advocate)
  • The doggy flip and other advice about doggy style sex. (VICE)
  • John Hamm is tired of being thought of as too big. (RollingStone)
  • Teaching responsible sex. What we can learn from the Steubenville rape case. (Passionfirst)