So Last Week 162

In this week’s sex news, The Supreme Court and same sex marriage. Sleeping your way to true love. The Rainbow Flag House. How to avoid becoming a rapist and dongles, tweets and loads of gender. It’s all so last week.

Bonus: My new favorite tumblr of so last week. Check out Make Sex Normal.

  • The Supreme Court, same sex marriage and the shadow of Roe v. Wade. (NYT)
  • One woman’s story of sleeping her way to true love. (NYPost)
  • Video: Using public restrooms, locker rooms & dressing rooms may land transgendered individuals fined, and in prison, in AZ. (NBCNews)
  • Henry Rollins on how the Steubenville rape case highlights the importance of woman’s equality. (Rawstory)
  • A virtually flawless plan to stop a rape conviction from ruining your life. (Thomas Galvin)
  • The Westboro Baptist Church is suddenly seeing rainbows. (HuffPo)
  • I F*cking Love Science, a story of shock! disbelief! gender! (Dailydot)
  • Rejected from Smith College: A trans student learns the same lesson twice. (DailyCaller)
  • A joke about dongles, a tweet and the firing of two employees. (BusinessInsider)
  • And a second, more prolific piece on Adria Richards and how we all lost. (AmandaBlum)
  • Jessica Drake talks porn, sex education and switching it up. (LAist)
  • Whining once more, or why I love Abby Ehmann. (EditrixAbby)