So Last Week 148

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, lots o’ sex talk about/with “things and stuff” that start with “C” like California, Colbert and cocaine. Also, why Octomom needs help, how sex surrogacy helps and porn doesn’t necessarily change the way (gay men) have sex.

  • I’m all for condoms in porn, but I agree with Tristan Taormino on this one. Measure B does not stand for better. (HuffPo) Still, it passes. (LATimes)
  • Epic fail: Prop 35. (PeninsulaPress) Update, a lawsuit is blocking Prop 35 right now. (SCPR)
  • Stephen Colbert needs help finding Vagistan. (ColbertReport)
  • Despite all the screaming, porn does not necessarily change the way (gay men) have sex. (Slate)
  • A sex surrogates story of why, who and how. (Salon)
  • Bawdy Storytelling or Bust! (Bust)
  • Are rebound relationships doomed? (PsychCentral)
  • Ten twitter-ific sex and dating experts. (Mashable)
  • What might happen if you’re caught masturbating at Starbucks. (TheSmokingGun)
  • So tabloid trash: Kirstie Alley calls John Travolta the love of her life. (PerezHilton)
  • File under Not Pretty At All. Octomom’s son watches his mother do things he shouldn’t watch his mother do. (Examiner)