Best! Time! of Day! for Sex!

Question: Is there a best time of day for sex?

Answer: Actually there is, and I’m…going…to……in…suspense. Okay, not really, besides what’s the point? The best time of day to have sex may be around the same time he exhibits what doctors have long called “morning wood.” The time of day? 7AM, according to Nicole Beland, executive Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. That’s because testosterone levels are up, and so is something else in his pants.

If you want to know what time other human specimens like their sex, Em and Lo posted this poll back in March. TMme, I like it in the morning and I like it at night (both had the highest averages in the poll), but honestly, I just like it when I’m horny, and that seems to be an above average amount of time.

Watch the Beland video here and learn the perfect time for a 9-5 person to take a job interview, tolerate pain, get creative, go to sleep, work out and more.