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Wednesday, June 23 2010

SPR: Sliquid Lube

Spit is nature’s own lubricant for sure (as is vaginal lubricant too), but neither are always reliable when it comes to hot, slippery sex. When I teach oral sex workshops, I always bring along a sample of my favorite flavored lube - blue raspberry swirl. What I love about Sliquid is that it’s a water-based, glycerin free brand of personal lubricant, and it comes in so many different flavors and textures, from organic to silicone. I use them in my personal sex life, so this week I decided to review them here.

And since lubrication is one of the key’s to great sex (along with talking and breathing), you’ll want to grab Sliquid, or you’re favorite brand of lube too, because you never know when things can get dry (and you for sure need lubricant for anal sex). And yes, water-based lubes dry out more quickly than their silicone counterparts (these are the only two types of lubes that are 100% condom compatible) but there is a trick to reactivating water based lubes - just add water, or spit.

*Filmed this morning on my iPhone in 1 take sans makeup or breakfast.

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One Response to “SPR: Sliquid Lube”

  1. searah Says:

    Yes! I agree completely. I LOVE Sliquid lubes the most of any of the 100000 I have tried!

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