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Tuesday, March 23 2010

What I’ve learned from porn

It’s time for another real sex verse porn sex workshop tonight, at the Pleasure Chest in LA, and this has me thinking (although most things get me thinking, honestly) about what I’ve learned from my years around porn. It’s not always pretty, but c’mon, you knew that already, so here are a few things that I can think of right now.

  1. It’s cool to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, or the skin you paid to be in. Whether they’ve had lots of work to make them this way, or not, there’s just an overall comfort with porn performers around nudity on the job (duh!). It’s like they all grew up in families of nudists and being naked is the same as working at the Gap and throwing on light blue and khaki. I wish everyone were comfortable naked, since it is the only skin we’re born in, okay, fine and it sheds every seven years or what not, but the truth is, I’m not that comfortable being naked  in a room full of strangers, or in some cases, in a room with one other person. And not only do I work around adult performers, I also go to Burning Man - where you don’t have to be naked, but no one cares if you are. When you’re on set, most people don’t even think twice about seeing naked people, let alone a teet, like the one Janet Jackson once showcased at the Superbowl. Sure for some people the first minute is like WAHOO, or whatever word or emotion you want to use to describe it, but after that it’s just normal. Nudity is normal, so why can’t we see it that way on TV? We see violence like that, serious violence. All the time and on almost every channel.
  2. We could all use a little “pick me up” some of the time. Yes, I’m not going to lie, and I’m not going to sit here and name names, but I know that male performers can, and do, use…uhm...pills that help them perform on command. The industry can be cruel to male performers, especially when there are restrictions to how long you have before you go into overtime. And when a guy loses his erection on a set of mostly other dudes, and they’re all waiting around for you to perk up, well, how easy is that? Not so easy. Not that I’m saying a healthy, normal, active male should use these pills, but what I’m saying I’ve learned is that we can all use a little help sometimes.
  3. If she drinks a lot of water, she can squirt ludicrous amounts of ejaculate. Female ejaculation looks way more dramatic when you drink gallons of water before a shoot. Once you figure out how to ejaculate, and according to Jenny Spray everyone can - then you to can perform porn star party tricks at home.
  4. We don’t take porn seriously, yet so many of us learn sex from it. This just reminds me of being a kid and thinking if I close my eyes then whatever I didn’t see doesn’t exist. C’mon people, porn is around, has been around and will be around longer than you are. So why do we keep trying to push it away? It’s not going away, so wouldn’t it be better and more productive to find ways to nurture it and make those who work in it feel safe? Just a thought.

Thoughts. I have lots of them. These are just a few. Now, it’s time to scrub down and suit up for tonight’s 101.

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