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Monday, March 15 2010

so last week .21

It’s so last week .21, and the old news just keeps getting older, just like we do.

  • Sharon Osbourne tells us how she keeps it hot with Ozzy. “How do we spice it up in the bedroom? Lots of sex toys. Spray cream around the b*llocks. Chocolate sauce on the kn*b. Lick, lick, lick.” (DigitalSpy)
  • In England, 1 in 10 women fake orgasm. (LFPress)
  • “You’ve been a very bad girl.” Lady Gaga and Beyonce make video porn.  (Youtube)
  • Sex lives stay active as long as you do too. (TimesOnlineUK)
  • Egg Donation for sale. Well, for the price of a raffle ticket. (CarnalNation)
  • DC gets down with gay marriage. Yippee! (WashingtonPost)
  • 20 fetishes that will either freak you out or help you get your freak on. Just ignore all the obnoxious subjective reporting that goes with this piece and you can learn a thing or two. (AMOG)

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