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Monday, February 21 2011

So Last Week .68

In this week’s so last week, sex news you may have missed you will not believe the logic of a South Dakota bill on abortion. Porn - who’s problem is his porn, and a New York Times op-ed piece on marriage for one and for all. A dark week indeed, but an interesting one too.

  • South Dakota: Kill the doctor, save the fetus. (Yahoo)
  • Is his porn her problem? (SexyPrime)
  • In defense of marriage, for all. (NYT)
  • Planned Parenthood has a right to operate. Say it, Rep. Jackie Speier. (YouTube)
  • Lara Logan. For female reporters, the added peril of turbulent places. (PD)
  • Like I’ve said before: Men feel the vibe. (Salon)
  • If you’re (fill in the blank) enough to add a relationship status to your profile page, Facebook accepts civil unions. (SFGate)
  • The Dark Origins of Valentines Day. (NPR)
  • Middle-aged and sexy. Erectile dysfunction isn’t the problem, advertising is. (Mediapost)
  • Candy and condoms: The perversion of sexuality. (KYKernel)

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