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Friday, January 15 2010

Hot, Gentle Sex

Here’s what I decided last night.

You must check out Jennifer Lyon Bell’s film, Matinee (Blue Artichoke Films). The movie rides the line between erotica and old fashioned entertainment. It starts out like it’s not a sex movie (and it’s not only a sex movie) and then the sex scene happens, and it actually works with the story!

Here’s why I thoroughly enjoyed Matinee, and why you can too:

  1. Strong, beautiful female lead.
  2. Good music done at appropriate times.
  3. Lighting is nice, really nice.
  4. The plot centers on the conflict between the personal and professional, one that draws on an interesting story and incorporates sex in a really believable way.
  5. The lead characters can act their way out of a paper bag.
  6. There’s a real, live studio audience.
  7. Jennifer Lyon Bell. Brains and more.

Buy Matinee. It’s the bees knees when it comes to quality erotica. It spans the line between porn and erotica with grace and dignity. Still, there are some things I’ve learned about myself, no matter how good an erotic film is.

  1. Sometimes I fall asleep during sex scenes, or I get tired if they don’t involve me.
  2. A lot of loud kissing makes me a lot nauseous.
  3. Cunnilingus is super sexy. SUPER SEXY. I wish there were more of it in most films.
  4. In Matinee the actress said “ow,” and I had to rewind and see what happened. I’ve always been a sucker for pain.
  5. Sex, no matter how hot and heavy, is something you have to be in the mood to watch, and works well when you incorporate a partner, hand or sex toy.

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