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Wednesday, January 20 2010

The Visconti Triplets. Mallory Rae Murphy. Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I just realized that the one thing all three of these topics have in common (besides the sex them) is that they are all three’s. Three brothers come first then two women with three names. Three. Three! THREE! I love me some three’s. It’s my favorite number.

Then I wonder out loud..Why do I have a favorite number? I think of it more as a lucky number. Lucky, not favorite. I did have a favorite letter when I was a kid. It was “s.” I like the sound it made. Essssss…

Now, although I spend more time in front of my computer than I do most other places these days, I apparently don’t know about a lot of things like Keyboard Cat (and don’t even get me started on the things I don’t know I don’t know about). This week, I found out about these people and what they’re doing with their lives right now.

  • The Visconti Triplets. Identical gay triplet brothers Jason, Jimmy and Joey who do porn. I bet their parents are really proud. And yes, they’re all nicely hung. A little different, but not much.
  • Mallory Rae Murphy. An 18 year old who let her (loss of) virginity become a business matter, first had vaginal sex on camera with Evan Stone this year. The girl’s got a long term plan, and this impresses me. That she doesn’t have a website up yet, this does not impress me.
  • Vajazzling. I think I have more respect for Jennifer Love Hewitt than I ever did. And it has everything to do with this clip and the fact that she’s talking about making her va-jay-jay shine like a disco ball. Plus, she’s written a book on dating. It’s called The Day I Shot Cupid.

I’m still way intrigued with the gay triplets.

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