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Tuesday, January 19 2010

Sex Ed Classic

Back when homosexuality was dubbed “a sickness of the mind” there were actual videos being made that said that. What I like about this list is that the clips here are worth watching. But sometimes I don’t think the author appreciates these videos the way I do. I think his tone is way more seriously angry. It’s all too far in the past to get angry now. And frankly, it’s just bizarre.

In the first video, a mom walks in on her young son masturbating. We don’t see anything, and the conversation they have, while likely not the norm in most families, should be. I thought the gist of the dialogue was spot on even if her facial expressions (and those eyes) make her seem a little too creepy.

Then, the homosexuality video appears. Scary and somewhat surreal. Like, really, this was once produced? People paid to have this made? The best line may be, “Beware: One never knows when a homosexual is about to appear,” but the whole gloom-n-doom scare tactic thingy just seems sad now. I’m glad most sane, rational people don’t think like this anymore. I wish we all understood that different types of people love different types of people. But we don’t.

I couldn’t get through video three (below). Too weird and icky.

I found video four humanizing.

Number five is taken from number three, so if you watch all of three, skip this one..and while I watch the rest, you watch them too, okay?

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