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Monday, January 25 2010

so last week .14

From last week and beyond…

  • Sasha Grey does PETA. (HuffingtonPost)
  • Vintage Voyeurism. Ecomomist style. (Economist)
  • The Messy Ethics of Pelvic Exams. (CarnalNation)
  • “Maybe in the future everyone will be locally infamous for 15 minutes.” Infidelity and sex in the digital city. (NYTimes)
  • John Edwards is a “baby daddy.” (CBC)
  • Cindy McCain’s pro-gay  marriage ad. (PoliticsDaily)
  • The Cougar Convention goes on the prowl in Vegas. (LasVegasReviewJournal)
  • Air New Zealand’s controversial ad takes cougars to a higher/lower level. And I’m still not sure how this promotes flying?
  • Tell Me You Love Me


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