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Friday, February 13 2009

Fetish love Friday

I can’t wait to finish a fabulous book on fetishists (Daniel Bergner’s book The Other Side of Desire), and then share my review with y’all. And yes I’m saying y’all even though I’m a born and bred New Yorker cause I’m feeling a bit Texas today, which might have to do with the fact that I just read me some Jenny Block. Or maybe it has to do with that I’m in DC right now, which is further south than New York.

Regardless of why I’m going all down south on you, it comes down to this. Whatever state you’re in, or feeling in right now, I have two Fetish related pieces of news to share with y’all (let ‘em all out now I say) this fine, fine Friday. It’s the kind of news that could make you get out your plastic, or your pen.

  • Eros Boutique, one of the best places online for fetishists and other kinksters is having a sale until tomorrow. 20% off everything on their site.
  • If you’ve got a fetish, YourTango wants you to submit, err, I mean send them a submission. And yes, you will get paid.

Call for submissions:

Do you have a fetish? YourTango is looking for personal essays from people with sexual fixations on objects, ideas or body parts. We want to get inside your head and learn what you think and feel about your proclivity and how it affects your relationships.

Your preference can be common or unknown—cross-dressing, erotic asphyxiation, plushies, pony play, etc—all are welcome. You can be an intense fetishist—you need to incorporate your preference into every sex act in order to experience pleasure—or someone who enjoys the activity but doesn’t require it for pleasure.

We’re not looking for erotic writing or graphic descriptions of what goes on in your bedroom, although the essay will probably need an overview of how a particular preference works. Instead, we want to
understand the psychology behind your desire.

Some questions to get you started: When did you discover you had this preference? How did you begin to incorporate into your sex life? When did you first suggest it to a partner, and how did that person react? If you’re single and dating,
how do you introduce the idea to a new lover? If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, how have you incorporated it into your sex life? Has the fetish ever caused disagreements or fights between you and a partner? Has it brought you closer to someone? What are your emotions surrounding your fetish?  Would your love life be different if you didn’t have this preference?

We also welcome pitches from fetish newbies or one-timers—you don’t need to be a knowledgeable insider to tell an insightful, interesting story. Write about doing something you’d always thought about but had never tried, or the time a date asked you for a sex act you’d never heard of, or attempting a wacky idea with your partner just for the heck of it. Did you like it, or decide it wasn’t for you? What did you think and feel before, during and after the act? How did you talk about it with your partner? Did it bring you closer together or further apart, or neither? Did you learn anything from the experience?

Send pitches to Nicole Perri, Nicole@yourtango.com.

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