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Monday, February 2 2009

Jessica Simpson, More to Love so I Love Her More

Sex News Square Down will return to its regularly scheduled slot next Monday. Until then…

What’s the deal with this countries obsession with Jessica Simpson? It seems that she’s the talk of the town ever since she went from super-skinny to super normal. Sure, in our culture of celebrity, it’s hard to imagine that a “superstar” can actually be average when it comes to anything, especially anything in the looks department. It’s only when we examine the ridiculous (like finding it hard to digest that a woman has some meat on her bones) that I realize how much we care about so little.

And yes, I know, I’m feeding the conversation by writing about it now.

Maybe I’m just as guilty for talking about it here, but I have my reasons. I grew up surrounded by weight issues, so you can call my hypersensitive when it comes to this topic. And besides, what if talking about Jessica Simpson actually helped us all get over our infatuation with having to be skinny in order to feel beautiful? Yes, we have others who help too, like Jennifer Hudson, JLo, and Kim Kardashian, but what if we actually looked at a woman who was once what society idealized as beautiful (being blonde with blue eyes helps too), and what if we accepted her for the fact that she’s as human as the rest of us? What if this acceptance helped us all get over the weight issues that most of us have, whether it be too lose weight or to simply not gain it? When it comes to looking at our bodies as a calculation, not everyone wants to talk about multiplying (as in making babies) or dividing (as in dieing), but everyone can easily discuss subtraction (of weight), especially when it’s their own, and addition (of weight) when the pounds are packed on somebody else’s body.

Personally, I think Jessica Simpson looks hot…and happy. Sure she’s more shapely, but having a little to hold is way sexier than grabbing on to bone. Because anyone who’s boned a bony babe (or guy) can tell you that bone can really hurt when you’re humping.

And her breasts look lovely. And just thinking about her breasts make me want to put my head in between them and rest. They are so round and melony and squeezable and they’re the kind of boobs that make you want to get your mouth and tongue right there and really dig into the crack between the two mountains of heaving flesh.

Now I’m digressing. Regardless, Jessica Simpson looks great. And cuddly. And normal. And because there’s more to love, I love her more. Even if I don’t really love her at all, the truth is, I like her better now.

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