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Tuesday, April 6 2010

You-tubular Tuesday

It’s totally you-tubular Tuesday, and I’ve picked five short clips that will make you smile, and laugh and smile again. Oh, and they all have to do with sex. Check these out.

1. Upon perusing some ridiculously hilarious Warren the Ape material last week, I came across an interview my dear friend XCritic’s Chris Thorne, did this past January at AVN. Here he interviews Chauncey the Bear and Warren the Ape. Chauncey, if you don’t know, is a bear in the business. And Warren, he’s an ape with his own TV show coming out in June on MTV.

2. This next video, compliments of howcast, is all about how to have sex in the office and not get caught. It’s silly, but it’s also got some important advice if doing it on your bosses desk seems like a good idea.

3. From the cute puppy trick to having her think she woke you up, Owen Benjamin humors us with ways to wake up your girlfriend for sex. Would these work on you?

4. I had never seen lego porn before. Part one of lego sex:

5. Today’s last pic is collegehumor’s Super Mario secret sex tape. It’s the sounds that get me in this one.

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