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Thursday, February 5 2009

Social Networking or Scouting for Sex?

In case you’ve missed this:

Myspace recently said there’s no space for sex offenders on its social networking site, booting over 90,000 offenders from its pages in recent days. Facebook is said to be following suit, but nothing has been confirmed. In 2007 Myspace removed 29,000 users, and this new number is obviously three times that.

Should social networking sites have stricter standards when you sign up to network? And who’s job is it to surf around and identify what is a convicted (I assume) sex offender?

Yes, this is a good thing. But it also reminds me that when you have a page on Myspace and facebook, big brother really is watching you.

Sex Offenders Booted Off MySpace. (BBC)

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2 Responses to “Social Networking or Scouting for Sex?”

  1. NMHank Says:

    It is a very tricky question and one should err on the side of keeping predators away from naive potential victims. But how to do it….that’s the tricky part in our supposedly open society.


  2. Staci Says:

    I tried to follow the link and it brought me back to your blog.. just FYI.

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