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Tuesday, April 22 2008

Earth Day Sexy

I’m in Florida, Key Largo to be exact, on a top secret mission to keep sex alive in bedrooms across America. Seriously. If I told you more about it then it wouldn’t be top secret, would it? Okay, I can tell you this…

Are you ready?

I now know why the Beach boys sang about this place (Bermuda, Bahamas….baby why don’t we go to the Florida Keys..).Yep that song. That’s what I had to tell you. Riveting stuff isn’t it? I can’t get that song out of my head. No matter how much I talk about sex, I can’t stop singing a cheesy Beach Boys song.

Yes, I’m disgusted with myself. No, not really disgusted, more annoyed actually.

Speaking of beach, today’s Earth Day, no? (and yes, you can file this under better late than never because I know today’s almost over, but like I said I’ve been working on a top secret mission all day and I haven’t had time to remind you). In case you missed earth day, or my blog, you can always celebrate Earth Day tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

So what can you do to sexify your day after Earth Day?

1. Get the Little Chroma vibe from Jimmy Jane and have it 4eva. (or so they say). See, you can change the motor on this wonderous work of vibrational art, so every time the motor dies, you replace it without having to replace your buzz. And it only takes one AA battery, which makes it much more environmental, and economical, than your average 2 battery toy. Or buy a rechargeable vibrator from Lelo. All the Lelo vibe are gorgeous dahling and no batteries to waste. BONUS: Both of these toys can be kept outside of their boxes, cause they’re just that cool.

2. Shower Power. Live with someone you love? Love someone who sleeps over and showers at your place? Do it in double time by showering together. You’ll not only save water, but you can also give an orgasm (or get one). Sharing is caring. Caring is coming. Or something like that.

3. Good Clean Love. It’s not just a statement, it’s a paraben and pthalate-free lube. So get naked (yes, that’s the actual lube I like in the GCL family) and slip and slide. NOTE: GCL lubes are great for intercourse, but not so great for handjobs. If you’re looking for a good hj lube or even a good massage oil, try the GCL love oils, just remember oil and latex are like oil and water. They don’t mix, and they are the opposite of two great tastes that taste great together. Meaning, don’t use oil-based lubes if you’re planning on using a latex type condom. If that’s the case, see suggestion 2.

4. Read an online erotic magazine. Yeah, I’m a fan of paper, but in order to reduce your waste this Earth Day season - read online. It doesn’t work for me all the time, especially since sometimes it makes me nauseous to be online too long, seriously, does that ever happen to you?, but when I’m looking for an erotic pick me up, I can go to Playgirl online (the entire magazine is available online) and look at hot! studs! naked!

5. Adopt a Clitoris. You should totally donate what you can (time, money, a blog post) to a good cause this Earth Day, so why not donate to the topography of a woman’s body? Help a Burkinabe woman rebuild her clitoris, and you’ll be contributing to a more pleasure-filled world. And pleasure is a positive thing. And positive people can make positive changes. On Earth Day and beyond.

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