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Monday, March 10 2008

Eliot Spitzer has paid for sex

Monogamy isn’t natural. Eliot Spitzer proves it once again.

Governor Eliot Spitzer has paid for sex, and unfortunately, will possibly pay for that sex with his job. Yes, the beloved well-liked for but a minute, Governor of New York has admitted to the world, and more importantly to his family, that he did indeed stick his pee-pee in another lady’s bits, and these bits didn’t belong to his wife, or thankfully, his daughters. That means they belonged to another kind of friend. The truth is, he’ll get off easier than McGreevey and Craig, cause they liked to do it with other man friends, but I fear that he won’t get off at all (some may argue that he’s already gotten off).

I’m sure he’ll be more careful now, though I’m sure he thought he was being careful then. I mean the reason higher profile people seek the comfort of paid strangers is because they don’t have to deal with the bullsh-t of the non-paid ones. The “why haven’t you called” and “when are you going to leave your wife” types.

But because he’s in the public spotlight this isn’t just about a man with a boner that needed to bone some other woman, this is about a politician and his prick. I hope that it’ll be like Clinton, who when he finally fessed up to sexual relations with that woman, still got to stay in office. Spitzer has admitted he’s cheated (and I only call it cheating because he didn’t tell his wife about their agreement to sleep with other people), so can’t we all move on?

Yeah, he’s done wrong before (like last year), and yeah, he’ll probably do wrong again but he is a politician. And you can’t expect much from your politicians. Besides, he’s human, and humans make “mistakes.” You can’t fault him for that.

I hope he doesn’t resign. It’s sex man, it’s not like he did something that hurt any of us. It doesn’t affect how he governs New York. Or do you think it does?

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