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Friday, June 6 2008

Ketch up

Not as in the red, sweet, fake blood sort of way…

1 matta of bizness: I’ll be at Erotica-LA this weekend. Hope you can come!

Mobile Female Monument.

Been off this blog for a few days too long, and a lot has gone down, or gone up, depending on if you’re a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person.

Even Nevada brothels are stumbling upon hard times. Yep, Xbiz reports that the brothels are turning to advertising to attract more customers. Apparently, the high price of gas (it can cost up to $1,000 to fill a large truck) is keeping their best customers from stopping by.

There’s a teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah who might lose her job after sending her eighth grade students home with a pamphlet entitled “101 Ways to Make Love Without Ever Doing It.” ABC News says that the fate of the teacher lays in a purgatory like state, even though the one angry parents had to sign a waiver to let their children into the class in the first place. C’mon, we’ve all been kids, we all know what it’s like to be a teenager, and we all know that most teenagers are going to do the sexy, whether or not they have sex.

In other Xbiz news - porn, uhm, entrepreneur Max Hardcore was just found guilty of distributing porn. Yep, the pornmeister (who is vulgar and gross and not my taste at all) was found guilty on a number of counts of “delivering obscene material through the internet and the mail.” I’m not a Max Hardcore fan, but this has the potential to get really blown out of portion. Like what is considered obscene? And how do we draw that line, and who gets to draw it?

The Mobile Female Monument has been around the block (literally), but I’m only seeing this vulva bicycle for this first time now. I know what it’s like to wear a vulva because I’ve worn a Vulva Puppet costume on occasion, and so I have a soft spot for this vulva bicycle, with her large flappy lips. Yeah, I just love her.

And lastly, the Orgasalarm:

What I don’t get is why so many people seem offended by the moans? I mean sure, they might not be how every woman moans, but still, this is the sound of some woman somewhere faking experiencing pleasure and this is not something to make an ugly face about. Or is it?

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