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Sunday, November 11 2007

TMI: Things I know about my sex life

Things I know about my (sex) life:

1. Vibration can always get me off in under five minutes and that’s okay with my partner.
2. He means it when he talks dirty to me.
3. My friends think I’m sexy and want to get in my pants.
4. It only gets better!
5. I will continue to evolve sexually.
6. It’s okay not to always want to do it.
7. It’s even more okay to use lube (silicone’s my favorite).
8. My cat knows when it’s not okay to disturb us.
9. Cuddling is important, sometimes more important to him than to me, but that’s okay too.
10. Doggie style can sometimes feel too deep.
11. Mornings are my favorite time to have him inside of me.
12. He loves to make me come.
13. I love to come. But sometimes I don’t care if I do.
14. I love to make me come too.

On another note, the book party rocked! Thanks to all of you who showed up. That night has made my day over and over again. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to feel so supported, and to get to speak to a full house about masturbation. And on top of that, we sold every single (of my) book in the store!!! And I got to show my behind the scenes of the first Personal Touch movie I made, and that means I showed porn in a bookstore! How cool is that?

As cool as it gets, I suppose. At least for right now.

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