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Monday, November 5 2007


I’m loving the new look of my blog. Thanks Michael!

Tonight, for the ladies (and then for the guys) I’m teaching another “sword swallowing,” aka “how to go from suck to blow,” aka “blowjob” class. You can sign up here! And if you can make it to the LES of NYC on Wednesday night, please come to (but probably not at) my book party at Bluestockings.

It’s for my brand-spanking-new book Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation. In the words of my father, “It’s so thick.” (the book, that is).

The Rotary Club:
Speaking of my dad, I was the guest speaker last Thursday at his weekly rotary club luncheon. When he first asked me to visit, he told me I should talk about what it was like to be a radio producer for Joan Rivers and Alan Colmes. Which I thought was weird, cause, like I haven’t done that in years. So, I told him that was so 1999, and that if he wanted me to be his guest he’d have to get with the program. (Okay, no I don’t talk to my dad like this, but I’m trying to be all cool and sh-t here)..So we agreed upon a “relationship clinic” workshop of sorts. My father made me nervous all before it happened. He told me not to mention words like sex toys, or sex, and to try to stick with things like intimacy and romance. I don’t generally talk like this, so needless to say it was a bit challenging not to allow pussy to slip out of my mouth, but I did it, and it’s over, and life goes on.

The NYC Marathon:
Yesterday, when I watched the marathon I got all teary eyed. We were woken up by a live band playing on the corner of where we lived. They rocked and so we rolled out of bed, and watched the last hour of runners run by our block. It was so cool, and my favorite was a 75 year old man who wore a shirt that said, “Older, Wiser, Sexier.” And the back said, “I jive at 75.” While I still wouldn’t do him, I think that’s hot!

Do we get what we desire in sex. Is what we do in our sex lives what turns us on in our brains? I want to know your top sexual fantasies, and if you act them out. Also, why they’re a turn on. It’s for an article for Zink Magazine. If you’re willing to participate, email me at hottwax@gmail.com.

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