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Thursday, March 4 2004

I have a vision

Dsc02230.jpg Not this vision, but this is still a cool vision…

My vision is one that I’m not ready to reveal to the world, but one that I’ve been slowly talking over with friends and potential business partners (even though the idea of business scares the &%@* out of me) and I’m putting this out here now because I feel the more I promise myself it will be done, then the more I will get this done.

BTW, isn’t vision a funny word if you look at it too long?

See, this is what my favorite horoscope said this month:
With so many planets in the twelfth house, you seem to be working on a project you are not yet ready to show to the world. There appear to be confidential elements to consider, and you still need to tweak things before you make an announcement. Let things cook, dear Libra. My vote for your launch would be early May, not before — you will see why later. April will not be the month to unveil anything new.

Yes, I read horoscopes, actually I love horoscopes, not enough to marry them, not like I wanted to marry Michael Jackson back in 1984 - I know, even then I knew how to pick my crushes. I do not cling to the words of a horoscope, I actually use the insight for inspiration and oomph, and NO, I am not that wishy washy, new ageist that I think I might sound like.

Anyway, I am really excited about this project…and if I make some sort of announcement like this, one that says something and nothing all at once, then it will keep me going, because I know I have lots of great ideas but not such great follow through.

This time it’s all about the follow through, baby, all about the follow through.
I can’t even express how excited I am, but damn, I am excited…

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