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Monday, April 25 2011

So Last Week .77

In this week’s SLW, female sexual desire and the pill. Vibrators, on drugstore shelves near you and vegetarians may not chew meat, but they swallow more of it.

Me. So Last Week. Photo Credit: BYTZ
  • Female Sexual Desire. It doesn’t come in pill form. (DailyMail)
  • Vibrators make mainstream news. (NYT)
  • How viagra can mess up your marriage. (MSNBC)
  • A rather large and somewhat flawed internet study suggests we’re all sexual deviants and straight men prefer thicker women. (NYPost)
  • Sex trafficking in the U.S. a “problem of epidemic proportion.” (WashingtonTimes)
  • Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher. The Sex Slave Trade and DNA. (CNN)
  • The new anti-abortion math. (NYT)
  • Maryland’s Professor of the Year believes in the transformative power of sex education. (WashingtonPost)
  • Vegetarians like giving oral sex more. Women who don’t like exercise have a more difficult time orgasming. And even more interesting OKCupid research stats. (OKCupid)
  • Have you heard the one about the boy who walks into class with high heels on? His classmates rally around his uncomfortable, yet sexy, shoe selection. (AZCentral)
  • Lil B’s ‘I’m Gay’ album title isn’t making people happy. (HuffPost)
  • Tracy Morgan gets sexually inappropriate with Michelle Obama comments. (DNA)
  • Another woman’s breast has ruined mom’s life. (NYPost)

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