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Monday, April 11 2011

So Last Week .75

This week’s SLW examines prehistoric gay men, the post-coital blues, bras for babies and a life-size Barbie. Find out why sometimes the perfect proportions aren’t so perfect. It’s this week’s sex news you may have missed.

  • The absurdity of the “gay caveman.” (Salon)
  • Love between books. (Slate)
  • 10 percent of women feel depressed after sex, study says. (YourTango)
  • When your dad’s a porn star. (HuffPost)
  • Growing up with the Britney effect, or how disney princess culture affects a girl’s sexuality. (Metro)
  • In conjunction with the above one, sexualizing little girls. One bra at a time. (DodsonandRoss)
  • The scary reality of a real life Barbie doll. (HuffPost)
  • 9 million Americans may be gay or bisexual, but numbers are still elusive. (WashPost)
  • Radio host fired for claiming employees were lucky to sleep with him. (Jezebel)
  • Sex on drugs. (SpiceZee)
  • Porn wikileaks reveals more than a naked porn star.(Switched)
  • Dear sex worker hater. (MissMaggieMayhem)

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