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Friday, January 21 2011

Hot Sox: The One

I host this event called Sexy Tales and Other Intimate Acts, it’s an erotic reading and performance series at El Cid in Los Angeles (save the date, the next one is on 2.22.11). Since the second one was held on 1.11.11,  I decided the theme had to be “the one.” That could mean a story about “this one time,” or a dance number about one crazy love. That night, Ian Denchasy of Freddy and Eddy told a story, in three acts, about meeting “the one.” (read it here and see a few photos of the event here).

Ian says, people, mainly women, ran up to him after the reading, to swoon over his big heart-on for his wife. Guys liked it too, and while I believe that Ian found his one, truth is, I’m a skeptic. I mean, do you  really think there’s only one person out there for you? How would you know when you met them? Do you really find the one, or more likely make the one? Questions and conversations abound (like how many people are needed for an orgy?) on this week’s Hot Sox Podcast, but when it gets down to it, it all goes back to the one. Do you believe?

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2 Responses to “Hot Sox: The One”

  1. Ian Denchasy Says:

    Always remember, Jamye and others, that it is YOU who MAKES your ONE.

  2. bohocrush 15: inspiration and stimulation time! ART SEX & SUSTAINABILITY | bohocrush Says:

    [...] “The one” follow the link and read an incredible love [...]

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