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Monday, January 24 2011

So Last Week .64

In this week’s So Last Week, Sex News Your May Have Missed, MTV’s Skins gets under it. Plus, the clitoris as a more accurate measure for female sexual arousal research, and the Little Red Riding Hood trailer you must watch.

  • Skins. Is it child pornography? (adweek)
  • Sex researchers rethink female sexuality. I like the new thinking too. (psychologytoday)
  • Young couples don’t talk about monogamy anymore. (usnews)
  • Holy Hotness. Watch the Little Red Riding Hood Trailer. (ology)
  • How porn has created SADD (Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder). (pagingdrgupta)
  • Hugh Hefner and apple. In and out and in-ish bed again. (digitaltrends)
  • Kristen Stewart wants to set up a charity for sex workers. (mtv)
  • Ke$sha’s knew everything about sex before she was seven. (nydailynews)
  • Another reason boob jobs scare me. (cnn)
  • Octomom and adult baby makes 15. (tmz)

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