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Friday, December 31 2010

2011 Hot Sox New Years

It’s a short and sweet “quickie” hot sox podcast where Ian reveals not only the lingerie elf, but my-not-so-secret-passion for powerpuff girls comics (and new art I’m making for next year!)

Here’s the itunes description for today’s podcast:

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new Hot Sox Podcast. Today’s theme…new years, of course! Jamye talks with Freddyandeddy‘s Ian Denchasy about the year ahead and the year behind. From the constant drive to change, to upping your relationship game (whether you’re in one or not), learn about the magic of the lingerie elf and listen as Jamye puts it all out there for next year.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Thursday, December 30 2010

Happy! New! Wig!

Question: What’s a simple way to make sex feel different in the new year?

Answer: Short and simple. Wear a wig.

Buy it. Try it once. If you’re hair is long, get a bob. If it’s short, grow it to your ass. If it’s straight, go curly. If you’re bald, go crazy.

There’s something about changing your hairdo that allows ever-so-slight changes in how you “do,” and are done, by others.

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Wednesday, December 29 2010

Injection and Insertion

The following Hump Day post is not meant to be taken too seriously:

Last night I was sitting around a fire with a few good friends, two of them who are married and of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, as soon as you meet them, you know they’re different. They have children together, and so when the man, we’ll call him Rex, said that after three kids he must be “Jewish by injection” (we later determined it would be by insertion), it sparked a silly dialogue that led to two new terms we like to think we made up, and now they’re ours (diabolical laugh). Actually, you may read this and be like, what were they smoking, and all I can say was, we weren’t all smoking. That being said, I believe that in order for any religion to officially recognize the following two new terms, “by injection” or “by insertion,” one must produce an offspring of the combined two humans, and present their human life form to both the rabbi and cantor, priest, shaman, universal life minister or whomever, and get thee verified by a higher order.

By injection: This refers to the partner being penetrated. S/he becomes “religion/ethnicity” by being injected by her partner’s penis. If the Jamaican male partner were penetrating his “Jewish” wife with his swizzle stick, she would become “Jamaican by injection.”

****NOTE: This wouldn’t work in the Jewish religion, because there’s a law somewhere that says in order for a child to be recognized as Jewish, his mother must be Jewish.

By insertion: This refers to the partner doing the penetrating and ejaculating (most of the time, because again, in order to fully become something by insertion/injection you must produce the proof in the pudding). Let’s take the same couple from above, the nice Jamaican man with the swizzle stick. He becomes “Jewish by insertion” after reproduction.

Happy Hump Day!

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Tuesday, December 28 2010

Animals Masturbate

Because holidays are a time for repeats or sappy specials, I’m foregoing a new video sex toy review this week, instead sharing a few of my favorite toys to ring in the new year, and every other day of the year too! Well, that and…. video of animals masturbating.


Self Petting Zoo:

It really is videos of animals masturbating. It’s both fascinating and disturbing, but I’ll leave it for you to decide what falls where. (Thanks Dee!)


The truth is, we’re all animals, and if we all masturbate, we could use a tool or two, too. So…

The Eroscillator

Like it says on the side of me blog (see side) this favorite! vibe! ever! is really the best vibe ever. Do not be detracted by its look. That is all.

Pure Wand

If you didn’t read it in yesterday’s SLW: Sex News You May Have Missed, go directly to the article from the Las Vegas Weekly here. If this doesn’t make you love the man (and want the toy) behind the greatest non-vibrating sexual pleasure wand for providing both prostate and G-spot stimulation, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Sliquid Flavored Lubes

I love the blue raspberry myself, but last week at a party the gals went ga-ga for the Cherry Vanilla. Whichever you choose, you can’t lose because lube makes sex better.  And even if you don’t want flavored lube, you can use other lubes, or oils (for sexy stuff where you don’t use condoms) or cornstarch and rub better, longer. That’s the point. The flavored lube, like coconut oil, it smells good though.

Luna Beads

Lastly, watch this video for one for the kegels. It’s a holiday repeat.

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Monday, December 27 2010

So Last Week .60

Sex News from last week! What would Jesus do about sex trafficking? How long men spend IN orgasm. Promiscuous female sex-crazed squirrels. VP Joseph Biden and more.

  • Hookers for Jesus. (Salon)
  • Money and power. Can there be balance when one partner has it all?  (iol)
  • Same-sex marriage is inevitable says VP Joseph Biden. (NYDailyNews)
  • Lisa Lampanelli to host the Oscars of porn. (mediabistro)
  • Study shows lubes! make! sex! better! (YourTango)
  • Let’s ban gays in the Virginia National Guard! (WashingtonPost)
  • How much of a man’s life is spent IN orgasm? (Examiner)
  • Why one 13 year-old Pakistani girl undergoes a sex change operation. (Sify)
  • The AIDS Healthcare foundation calls for mandatory condom use in porn. (bhcourier)
  • Promiscuous female squirrels, 24 hours of sex craziness. (Gather)
  • Greg DeLong talks about why he makes sex toys that go up your butt. (LasVegasWeekly)

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Friday, December 24 2010

To Live and Date in LA: Part 2

Here’s hoping my podcast goes up this week. I didn’t put children and porn in the same keyword search. Oy vey!

There would normally be a week between these two podcasts, but until my conversation with Toibocks owner Dawn Tulman goes live (if ever, I hope it does, it rocks) you’ll have to settle for back to back podcasts on dating! After talking to LA Weekly‘s Barbie Davenporte,I’ve been inspired to continue on the “to live and date in LA” streak. In this podcast Fifi Jingles is back, only this time we’re not talking phone sex, we’re discussing what it’s like to juggle more than one man, online dating (Fifi can tell you the best sites!), safer sex and other dating etiquette. Plus, find out the fantastic results of a Fifi Jingle’s twitter experiment on dating (hint: it has to do with who calls whom first after a good date, and the answer may surprise you). Today’s Hot Sox podcast is a honest, candid look at how we date and what we want.

Nudge, nudge…this is the last podcast with the amazing deal from adameve.com to get 50% off one product, free shipping, DVD’s and more! Whatever you do, until next week, Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the love!

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Thursday, December 23 2010

Best! Time! of Day! for Sex!

Question: Is there a best time of day for sex?

Answer: Actually there is, and I’m…going…to…keep..you…in…suspense. Okay, not really, besides what’s the point? The best time of day to have sex may be around the same time he exhibits what doctors have long called “morning wood.” The time of day? 7AM, according to Nicole Beland, executive Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. That’s because testosterone levels are up, and so is something else in his pants.

If you want to know what time other human specimens like their sex, Em and Lo posted this poll back in March. TMme, I like it in the morning and I like it at night (both had the highest averages in the poll), but honestly, I just like it when I’m horny, and that seems to be an above average amount of time.

Watch the Beland video here and learn the perfect time for a 9-5 person to take a job interview, tolerate pain, get creative, go to sleep, work out and more.

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Wednesday, December 22 2010

Mila and Natalie, oh my…

I found this nifty blog post (thanks Guyism) with the scenes you want to see from the “girl-on-girl” ballet thriller, Black Swan. Y’know the ones, the scenes where Mila Kunis makes me want to get eaten out by Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman masturbates by rubbing one out. Only problem with both Black Swan sex scenes comes from the lack of actual footage, with oral sex clocking in at under 1 minute 29 seconds.  What’s up with that?  Coming from behind the scenes in “adult” - and not from orgasm - it feels wrong to see such a short sex scene. But it’s probably right. Does length matter?

The scenes have already been uber-HYPED of course, partly because of the MPAA Great Oral Sex scandal of 2010. It’s about Black Swan’s two shot, and Blue Valentine‘s one take, box munching munchdown (Read more about it here. Blue Valentines NC-17 rating was overturned on 12/8). I do believe that anyone who can come that fast from oral sex is both someone I’m jealous of and someone I fear.

So today’s hump day message is that cunnilingus can take more than a minute and Natalie Portman knows how to fake the big O, in sixty seconds or less.


To watch more of the blatantly obvious loathing the MPAA often exhibits towards positive images of female sexuality, watch This Film is Not Yet Rated -

Michelle & Ryan talk about their sex scene in W Magazine here

Op-ed on why the two movies got different initial ratings is here

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Tuesday, December 21 2010

CB-6000:Cock Lock

This is the first sex product review that in order to provide full disclosure I will say I haven’t used yet, and even if I had, it’s actually not something I could use, not having a penis and all. But it’s something that I think, while not necessarily a “toy,” can be a great tool for foreplay, mind games, hot sex and the like, and something I hope to use with a loving, trusting partner sometime in the next year of my life. It’s the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device.

The CB-6000 is a cock lock, the kind of thing he wears on his penis so that he can’t get an erection and break free and hump the world. It’s the kind of product he has to have trust in, because he has to know where/who has the lock so he can get out, but he also has to believe that whomever he trusts is going to let him out of the cock lock eventually. That’s after he finds the perfect fit so that he can’t rise to any occasion.

The couple pushing the product this summer said that the penis in the relationship sometimes stays in the lock for a few days straight, especially when they’re at a conference pushing the product. You can shower in it (it’s plastic) and pee through it, so there’s really no need to take it off if he gets off wearing it.

They gave me the camouflage one to take home, and one day use, because it’s my favorite of the lot, but there are definitely other colors, and materials, to choose from. You can see what I’m talking about, and hear how you can even go through a metal detector while wearing the CB-6000, a new way to look at foreplay, by watching me now:

Buy now: The CB-6000

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Monday, December 20 2010

So Last Week .59

It’s So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed. This week you’ll love Kevin Spacey too, hate crimes, like the one last week at Harvard (it has to do with pee and is now being called an “accident’) and get into the discussion on sex work and how it’s not just violent clients who hurt prostitutes (although in NY this week it seems to be the case). Plus, who knew that Thora Birch had a porn-star wack-job dad?

  • Kevin Spacey discusses sexuality by not discussing his, and I now love him. (ShowBizSpy)
  • Stem Cell Transplant cures HIV in one man. (HuffPost)
  • Hate Crime or Not: Urine soaked books stain Harvard. (AOL)
  • It’s not just violent clients who hurt sex workers… (GuardianUK)
  • …but sometimes violent clients do go on a rampage. (NYDailyNews)
  • Sex ed in the age of Snooki. Not sure I agree with this, do you? (CNN)
  • How Porn Could Fuel the Natural Interface Market. (InternetEvolution)
  • Don’t ask, don’t tell repealed again by both the House and Senate. (NYTimes)
  • I didn’t even know Thora Birch (American Beauty) had a porn star dad, and that’s not even the story. (Gawker)
  • File Under D-U-H: Video Streaming to kill off DVD. (Xbiz)
  • Celebrity Divorce: Scarlett and Ryan no more. (Telegraph)

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