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Tuesday, January 18 2011

3 of the hottest male porn stars and me

Yes, today is supposed to be a sex toy video review, but I’m menstruating (not that you need to know that, but I feel blessed that I get to menstruate so I’m sharing it with you anyway) and the truth is I haven’t tested out enough product this past week to feel good about pulling up a new review (there will be a new one up next week on the Little Deeper).

Instead, enjoy the below brand-spanking new, but not ass-spanking, videos of interviews with three of the top male porn stars (thanks xcritic).  In the first video AVN‘s 2011 performer of the year, Evan Stone, channels his inner (and outer) Robin Williams. That could be a good movie. Robin Williams winds up a porn star and Evan Stone zaps into life as a famous comedian (in real life Evan really is very funny). It could be called From Cock to Cocky, or Being Robin Williams, Being Evan Stone.

Next, Tom Byron, who won best actor for his work as the Big Lebowski, talks about the first porn he saw (Barbara Broadcast) and his embarrassing SBD moment.

In this last video I practically come all over Manuel Ferrara. Celebrating 14 years as a bang up lover, he took home half of the award for best couples sex scene. Manuel talks about his love of oral, his lack of practice and his poop face.

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